David Winkler’
Election Platform

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Assist Calgary’s economic recovery by by speeding up the time for D.P.’s, B.P.’s and licensing

For the past few decades, our civic government has been busy growing a healthy bureaucracy to regulate and tax our business industry. Our businesses are now struggling with tax rates that are among the highest in the country and an ever increasing wait time for planning and development approvals. While businesses are waiting for planning approvals, costs do not stop and they continue to have to pay for the leases, pay employees, or not be able to hire employees, and lose out on opportunities. We need to put a stop to the long delays. There is a huge disconnect between City Hall and small business.

David will ensure City Hall understands the importance to completing applications much more quickly so that our businesses can activate their companies faster.

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Re-assess the use of Community Associations and Public Lands

In many of the communities throughout our city, the Community Associations are struggling to attract new volunteers, support existing ones, and keep the community halls in good condition. Our city has doubled in population over the last 25 years and has changed its cultural demographics in Ward 10. Many Community Associations have been unable to keep pace with that change.

David would like to reassess the uses of our Community Association Halls and other public lands and engage the community to determine the best use of these structures and theirs lands. It is imperative that we respect and focus on the needs of our more culturally diverse communities.

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Fix the 36th Street corridor

1985 was the year our North East leg of the LRT was completed. Through haste and lack of understanding the City created an absolute disaster of transportation infrastructure along the 36 Street corridor. Through the decades, the area Councillor has given little to no thought to the corridor and how it works in conjunction with the surrounding communities. Only recently has there been a cursory overview of part of the corridor (Main Streets) and a small visioning session of the Rundle Station. Unfortunately, what is needed is a complete redesign and rework of the corridor in its entirety from Memorial Drive to McKnight Boulevard.

David plans on engaging all stakeholders (residents, business owners, mall owners, leasing companies, City staff, etc), to determine how we can improve the corridor. He will be the Councillor that can make partnerships that will be able to realistically develop the corridor to be a shining example of community supported planning.

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Better community support for our youth

Ward 10 has some attractive and functional community areas for youth programs such as park space and community halls. Encouraging our youth to use public spaces contributes to a healthy community. Places like skate parks, performance areas (dance, music,etc..) and sports facilities, brings our youth together in a healthy and active way and at the same time promoting more eyes on our streets leading to safer communities.

In conjunction with a proposed public engagement of Community Associations and park space, David will make sure that a large component of recreational and cultural programming will be centred around supporting the youths in our communities.

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Explore the Safety and Beautification of Commercial and Industrial areas through Business Improvement Areas

Ward 10 has a very large area of isolated commercial and industrial communities . Many of these areas have higher crime rates and are not attractive. David want to ensure that we support these areas with the tools they need to come up with their own ideas to create safe and aesthetically pleasing spaces. He will be proposing the idea of commercial and industrial “Business Improvement Areas” (BIA). The BIA’s will cover the communities of Mayland Industrial, Franklin, Meridian, South Airways, North Airways, Sunridge, Horizon, and McCall. The benefits of the communities levying themselves and retaining all of their funds will benefit them immediately and provide the flexibility they need to decide where their resources are best utilized.

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Term Limits

David wants to change to our current election policies to support a limit of 3 terms as Councillor or Mayor. He feels that it is important that Calgary continues to have new energy and new ideas on Council. In most cases there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm/engagement of Councillors that have been in Council for over 3 terms, especially in Ward 10. In Ward 10’s case, it’s a Heritage Park of the 1980’s and 90’s. It is his belief that if a Councillor or Mayor is unable to complete what they want to do in 12 years, then it is time to move over and allow others with new energy and ideas to have the opportunity to become a Councillor and participate in making Calgary great.

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Investigate the opportunities of developing residential dwellings in commercial and industrial districts

Almost a third of Ward 10 is comprised of solely commercial and industrial lands. David would propose that we allow residential developments in some of these areas. Many of these areas are prime development lands which are close to shopping, LRT, and roadway corridors. Our current system of planning isolates the industrial and commercial areas from residential areas. This is an outdated ideology that needs to be challenged.

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