About David Winkler

David is a born and raised Calgarian, from immigrant parents and he is the proud father of two teenage boys. He has a B.Sc. in Zoology from the University of Calgary, but has always been an entrepreneur starting from the age of 19.

In 1997 David started a company called The Unique Blend Coffee Services, operating in the community of Franklin and specializing in environmentally conscious ways to operate the business. During that period, he started to invest in residential and light industrial properties. Later in 2010, David started a small business, Big Bike Commercial Vehicles, to transport up to 300Kg of products to businesses via bicycle. Currently, he donate Big Bike to be used to haul recycling materials for the Calgary Folks Festival as well as other concerts and events throughout the city.

In 2010, David was the Co-founder of The AREA (Arts, Recreation, Education and Agriculture) in Inglewood. The AREA was created on a commercial property David own in Inglewood to establish a community space and address the lack of affordable arts and culture space in Calgary. Over a two year period, The AREA provided support for hundreds of artists and community leaders, drawing in over 25,000 people through its doors. Currently, The AREA continues to sponsor artists, leaders, and community initiatives, such as supplying the solar panel system in Sunnyside’s ContainR project.

Since 2012, David has been working on the restoration of an historic apartment building, The Beaudry Block, which is in the process of bringing it back to its 1911 splendour. The apartment is quickly becoming an iconic fixture in the community of Ramsay offering affordable housing, public art and small bit of urban agriculture (bee hives).

The culmination of all of these experiences with businesses, planning and development both with The City and the communities, David has gained a strong background of urban planning and design. With a passion for community engagement and development, he is an enthusiastic volunteer in my communities and Calgary in general. Over the years he has served as the planning and development director for Sunalta Community Association, director for Hounfield Heights/Briar Hill community association, and Developers’ Advisory Group for the City of Calgary’s work on the new Greenline LRT project as well as the SW BRT community engagement group. David is also a member of the Temple, Whitehorn, Monterey Park, Crossroads, and Marlborough Community Associations and a founding member of the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary (1993) and he is currently a member.

David can be reached at 403-680-7231